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Weight Vests by HealthyExercise

Check out our high quality, durable weight vests. Our vests are popular for use in gyms, especially cross fit, physical ed classes, military basic training, and home use to increase strenght, endurance and calorie burn. We offer vests is the following weights: 6 lb weight vest, 10 lb weight vest, 20 lb weight vest, 40 lb weight vest. Use our vests to increase your power in explosion action, increase stamina, and improve your cardiovascular health. Call us about special discounts for large orders or government purchases.

Weight Vest benefits in exercise

There are a number of benefits to using a weight vest. We've added a few of the best benefits below.

Increased strength and stamina: Adding a weight vest to your cardio workout or weightlifting is a great way to increase calorie burn and sap your energy stores and oxygen supply. This makes your body adjust to the increased weight. The University of Texas found that using weigthed vests with plyometric exercise substancially improved the perfromance of the athlete over only plyometric exercise alone.

Takes you off the fitness plateau:  The human body is very adaptable, which means that after a while of doing the same things, the body stops working as hard for the same activities. You stop progressing and stop using as many calories. The metabolism doesn't fire up the same. This is the plateau so often found in exercise. Add one of our weight vests to your exercise routine or weightlifting and you will lift off the plateau. Your body will work harder and you'll see results again. Plus, the variety in the routine is sure to fire your imagination and keep you from getting bored with the workout.

Heart Health: wearing a weighted vest while running, rowing, or other activities revs up the body. The cardiovascular system increases blood and oxygen supply to the cells of the body. Weighted exercise improves the body's VO2 levels much more than regular exercise. This improves the heart's health and aids in the wellness of the entire cardiovascular system.

Skeletal Strength: Resistance increases bone mass and decreases the risk of osteoporosis. Weighted vests add an easy and convenient method of increasing weight exercise to everyday movement. By increasing the load on your skeletal system, your body compensates by laying down new, stronger bone across the existing structure. This greatly reduces the risks of bone breaks and osteoporosis when aging.

Increase Weight Loss  It should go without saying that an increased workout and calorie burn also increases weight loss, but this is such a powerful benefit that we couldn't leave it off. weight vests boost the metabolism and increase the intensity of any activity performed while in a weight vest.

Everyday uses for Weight Vests

1-Exercise with a weight vest. This will increase the intensity of your workout. Crunches, lunges, aerobic exercise, bring it on! You will see a powerful intensity added that will remake your exercise routine.

2-Walk and Hike in a weight vest. In addition to enjoying the beautiful outdoors, wearing a vest will increase the stamina of your walk and build your torso and leg muscles in a powerful way.

3-Bicycle with a weight vest. This will especially impact you when you rotate between standing and sitting. Additionally, you will see added vigor to your daily energy levels.

4- Daily chores with a weight vest. Sweeping, dusting, yard work? Using a weighted vest for daily activities gives you the benefit of free calorie burn. It boosts your metabolisma nd will increase the effort your body makes for the same chores. You'll see an energy increase within a few days.

5-Lifting weights- One of the coolest things about lifting weights with a weight chest is that it intensifies your workout and increases the build of even your core and stabilizer muscles. It's a great way to build those lesser focus on muscles, while building the largely important ones.

Starting out

When first purchasing a weight vest, its a good idea to purchase a weight vest about 5% of your total body weight. As your stamina increases, the weight vest increments can be inccreased.