Fitness Sleds by HealthyExercize

Our exercise weighted sleds are engineered for durable, long term use. Football coaches love our weight sled for football training. It helps athletes to increase their speed, strength and endurance. It creates resistance exercise that translates to explosive movements on the field. Hel.p your players to become more powerful.

Weight sleds work not just your legs and glutes, but are also a very useful tool for working upper arms, abs, pecs. Sled training has no eccentric loading so soreness is non existent. The centric movements train and strengthen muscles. Plus sled training builds mental toughness

Sleds are the ultimate training tool!

Benefits of Sled Training:

1- It's simple to use and provides a great workout. The sled doesn't require any specific training to use. It should be an intense workout so if it's too easy simply add more weight or go FASTER!

2- Unlimited options to get fit. The sled literally offers hundreds of workouts to get your entire body fit. Sleds are universal in their applications and provide workouts that can work every aspect of the body and each muscle group.

3-Risk of injury is extremely low when using a sled., That's because sleds are self limiting. Either you can do the activity or you can't. This means that sleds are great for recovery days. They get the blood flowing, but don't risk additional injury.

4-Workouts are short and Intense. Sled workout routines can be used for pyramid workouts. Plus nearly every routine done with sleds provide high intensity workouts that should be no more than 20 minutes. This makes it ideal for anyone with limited time. Plus it doesn't give you enough time to get bored.