Regular Medicine Balls

HealthyExercise Regular Medicine Balls

Our regular medicine balls are tough fitness balls that are weighted in a variety of weights. They are engineered for vigerous use and their military grade durability makes them last through nearly everything you can throw at them. They are popular for use in rehabilitation centers, crossfit gyms, physical education classes and home gyms, just to name a few places. (Call us about special discounts for government or bulk purchases) These weighted exercise balls are used to increase core and torso strength, to tone and build muscle, and to create explosive movements on the athletic field or court. medicine balls are considered to be one of the most basic and fundamental tools for overall fitness and health and they will add a spice to your exercise routine that will keep you interested and challenged.

we offer medicine balls through the most renowned manufacturers in the industry: CanDo and Reactor by Champion. These are brands that every rehabilitation doctor, fitness expert and exercise guru knows and trusts. Changes are, if you've used a weighted fitness ball before, you have used one of these two brands. Plus we just started carrying the Smash ball, by Champion, which is taking the fitness industry by storm! Smash balls are made to withstand high velocity slams without bursting open. 

Don't wait! Buy today and start enjoying the fun, effective way to add intensity and stamina to your workout!