Medicine Balls with Handles

HealthyExercize medicine balls with handles

We offer a wide variety of medicine balls, including the increasingly popular medicine balls with handles. These medicine balls are designed for today's workouts and the handle options on our balls give you exactly what you are looking for. From football shaped medicine balls, to straps, to hard handles, these fitness balls will provide you with the toning and increase calorie loss that you are looking for. Our handle medicine balls were originally created for use in the rehabilitation industry, where they thrive in popularity, but soon came into high demand from the fitness weightlifting industries. These exercise balls are weighted and come with easy to grip surfaces and handles.

We've talked to many people who have a desire to start a fitness routine and exercise. Every year millions of individuals commit to regular exercise, but fail to follow through. Many of the reasons revolve around time, money, boredom and difficulty. Our medicine balls solve these problems. They provide a diverse number of exercises that will keep you interested. Plus they add intensity to your cardio workouts that will tone and strengthen your muscles and increase your stamina. Plus they come in progressive weights so you can continue to grow and build your fitness level. Medicine balls aren't expensive and you can use them at home, which means less time away from other activities.

Medicine balls help to strengthen your torso and abdominal muscles. They are useful for building your strengthening and stabilizer muscles. Plus you can do a wide range of movements with them!

Buy one of our handled medicine balls and enjoy the increased health and fun that working out with medicine balls provide.

Tip: Use our 4lb handled medicine balls to practice chest passes. Your youth athletes will improve rapidly with their abilities and the 4 pound weight will provide the optimal amount of weight to create explosive abilities.