Heavy-Duty Medicine Balls

Heavy Duty Medicine balls from Healthyexercize.com

Our exercise balls are made to handle anything you can throw at them! These medicine balls are military grade and can handle the toughest wear and tear! Tone and strengthen your upper and lower body with these non-bouncing balls. The non slip surface makes gripping these balls much easier and makes it so that you don't have to compromise form while exercising. The rugged design makes these fitness balls the most heavy duty balls available. These super strong balls are ideal for fitness classes, especially the extra vigorous cross fit training, physical ed classes and will last for years to come. Athletes use our heavy duty medicine balls to increase their throwing velocity through explosive workouts while everyday individuals love these weighted exercise balls to increase cardio intensity and for variety in weightlifting.

We carry the top brands for medicine balls. The weights are available from 1 lb to 35 lbs. We also offer additional accessories which include rebounders, trampolines and medicine ball racks for easy storage.

If you are looking for purchase multiple medicine balls for your home or commercial use, call today and ask about our special discounts available. Don't waste your time looking at less durable imitation medicine balls. Our  heavy duty medicine balls will last and continue to perform for you long after the others have torn and worn away.

Brands offered include CanDo, an innovator of medicine balls since the 1980s and Reactor medicine balls by Champion are well renowned for their stability and rip resistant strength.