Hand-held Weighted Balls

CanDo weighted fitness balls are a great way to add intensity and variety to your workout. Handheld medicine balls are a fashionable way to lose weight and shape arms and upper torso. Athletes can use these weighted handheld balls to increase their explosive strength during games. Research has found that using weighted balls strengthens muscles and increases performance during competition. Additionally our handheld medicine balls come in sizes that range from 1 lb to 6.6 lbs (0.5 kg to 3 kg). Balls maintain a diameter of 5 inches or 12.7 cm around. Our soft hand held balls inflate and can be custom made more firm or softer to make grasping easier or harder. These balls are bigger than a softball or a baseball and help train grip strength.

These handheld medicine balls help to bring stability to shoulder girth, strengthen pectoids and deltoids and increase the abdominal motion stability. They act as a counter weight during exercises which does more than a dumbbell or kettlebell of the equivalent weight will do. Plus their vinyl or rubber textured surface makes these balls comfortable to grip.

Our Handy grip balls come with a handle and are shaped like a medicine ball football. They are built specifically for strength training in specific movements, including throwing, thrust, and other exercises. They come with a textured surface so that they are easier to grasp and hold onto.

These hand held balls are ideal for pilates and yoga and add an increased vigor to your routine.

HealthyExercize weighted hand held balls are ideal for helping children find stimulation through sensory activities. They are tough enough to handle rough play, but will help develop motor skills for all ages. They can be used indoor and outdoor. We are proud to offer activities that help all children and that have been especially helpful for children with autism.