CanDo® Medicine Balls

CanDo has been a leader in the exercise and physical therapy industry for over 35 years. Since the 1980s they have researched and built high quality fitness equipment. CanDo specialises in rehabilitation and therapy, but many of the  supplies that CanDo makes migrated first into extreme fitness, thanks to shows like Biggest Looser, and from there into the regular fitness industry. One example of this is the CanDo medicine balls, which have become a favorite of Crossover gyms, home gyms and others looking to increase the intensity of their cardio routines through.

Medicine balls increase core strength by working the legs, torso and arms. Cando Medicine balls come with handles, and with single or dual handles. The come weighted with weights as low as 1 lb and as high as 30 lbs. offers medicine ball rebounders, both circular and rectangular. Medicine ball rebounders are very popular in the rehabilitation and as a means of strengthening reflex and thrust capacity. We also offer Cando medicine ball verticle and horizonal racks for convinent storage. We have what you are looking for when it comes to Medicine Balls and accessories! 

Cando Medicine Balls come with textured surface for an easier grip. They provide a diverse workout and add fun to any routine! We offer soft pliable medicine balls and firm rubber medicine balls. Buy today and start enjoying a more varied workout!