Medicine Balls

Benefits of Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are considered one of the most necessary pieces of exercise equipment for a rounded routing. They help with flexibility, stability, strength and to regain overall health. In fact, throughout history, medicine balls have been considered health balls. They were used by the Greeks, Persians, and military units throughout history. Today medicine balls, also called fitness balls, come with handles or without. They are typically shaped slightly larger than volleyballs, but are also shaped list footballs, have handles, come as inflatable sand balls. Medicine balls are used in training to increase athletic coordination and explosive actions. They are also used in rehabilitation and injury healing. Because medicine balls function as counter weights, they help to work multiple muscle groups simultaneous and build the body's core and balance muscles.

History of Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are weighted heavy duty balls that are used in exercise. They are considered one of the most versatile and basic fitness supplies you can have. They can tone and strengthen nearly every part of the body. They have been used for nearly 3,000 years. Hippocrates in Ancient Greece considered medicine balls essential to helping sick people regain physical strength and stamina. Persian Sailors used medicine balls to throw around the ship and regain their health. It also helped with boredom Gladiators used medicine balls to train and become stronger. Even the US Military have used medicine balls for almost 200 years to train their soldiers. The term medicine ball came about in the late 1800 when Professor Roberts coined the term medicine ball to mean "health ball". At that time, medicine was synonymous to health.

A couple of fun facts about medicine balls:

They were originally made with the bladders of animals stuffed with sand!

Medicine balls were loved by President Hoover!

Medicine balls have a variety of names including weighted fitness or exercise balls, handled health balls and more!

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