Weight Machines by HealthyExercize

Check out our huge supply of Weight Machines. We offer nearly 50 different specialty weight machines. All of our weight machines are commercial grade machines and are ideal for high traffic use. They will wear very slowly and will last a long time. Some of our most popular machines include the Cable Crossover Machine, The half and full rack, and our combination machines for home gym or business gym use. We offer weight benches that are specifically designed for safety and versatility. Our racks are engineered for safety.

Weight Machines are popular because they help to train specialized muscle groups and to build bulk. Plus they have build in features that make them safe and minimize the risk of injury. Weight machines offered controlled mechanical overload and path of motion. This means that it's easier and safer to apply overload to a muscle because the machine will apply the additional strain to the localized muscle to allow and reduces the chance for injury. Machines help to improve the size and strength of the muscle by placing the resistance on the contractile element of the muscle. Along the same lines, machines provide the safest way to create metabolic overload. metabolic overload simply isn't safe when using free weights because the movements aren't controlled and it's more likely that the weights will fall and damage or create an injury. When a weightlifter is using weight machines, they can max out metabolic overload and allow the machine to drop the weight. This is often done in drop sets, Metabolic overload build the muscle rapidly and encourages muscle growth. Additionally, weight resistance machines provide circuit training in the least amount of time because they allow you to move through the circuit and have the weights set for the individual. This also makes circuit training easier on novices. One of the most common reason that weight machines are so popular is because they help to create and build definition in specific muscles. As athletes work to build muscle and increase strength, weight machines offer a safer method of improving because the user has a smaller chance of injury from falling weights. Free weight max outs can cause serious damage, but machines mitigate that risk by controlling the drop and creating a clear path for the weights to fall.

We offer a variety of weight machines specifically

MultiFunctional Gyms:

4 Way Multi-Function Gym | American 8 System-Black Frame  | Blue Chip 12 System-Black Frame | Blue Chip 8 System-Black Frame | Champion MultiFit System | Pro Combo 16 System-Black Frame | Cable Crossover Machine

Weight Benches:

Adjustable Sit Up Board | Champion Adjustable Curl Bench | Champion Barbell Multi-Bench | Champion Flat Bench | Field House Competition Bench | Incline Support Bench with Spotter Platform 

 Multibench with Wheels and Spotters Stand | Wheeled Multi-Bench 

Power Racks, Smith machine and Half Racks:  

Champion Double Sided Half Rack |  Champion Half Rack with Platform | Champion Half Rack | Champion Power Lift Platform | Champion Step Squat Rack-Silver | Power Rack | Power Racks | Smith Machine  

Specialized Machines:

Ab Exerciser/Dip Station & Sit Up Board Combo | Champion Abdominal Exerciser & Dip Station | Chin & Dip Station | Chin/Dip/Ab Station | Field House Leg Press | Glute/Ham Machine | Plate Loaded Incline Rower 

Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo |  Plate Loaded Leg Extension/Curl Machine | Plate Loaded Neck Machine | Power Ram Sled Hack-Machine/Leg Press | Selectorized Arm Curl | Selectorized Chest Press 

 Selectorized Hip Flexor | Selectorized Incline / Shoulder Press | Selectorized Lat Pull/Low Row | Selectorized Leg Extension | Selectorized Leg Press | Selectorized Pectoral/Deltoid | Thunder Thruster | V Shaped Press Down Bar | V Press & Lat Bar


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