Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Vinyl Coated Kettlebells made by Champion/Reactor and Cando

HealthyExercize offers  high quality, durable kettlebells coated with tear and wear resistant vinyl. The strong vinyl coating protects your floors from scratches and other damage typically created by non-coated kettlebells. Our kettlebells are ideal for developing strength, coordination and power. Kettlebells are a powerful way to sculpt and tone the body because they provide a full body workout. The kettlebell forces the entire body to work together and strengthens and builds stability even in muscles that aren't being specifically targeted. They are a widely used and loved option for short powerful workouts and help to eliminate the excuse of time restraints for fitness.

Kettlebells are used for throws, cleans, snatches, rotational swings, and squats (just to name a few activities). You can incorporate kettlebells into any workout and can train any part of the body. HealthyExercize offers kettlebells that are designed for comfort and that add the fun visual element of color into your workout for increased stimulation during workouts. These kettlebells are ideal for individual trainings, crossfit gyms, and group trainings.

The origin of the kettlebell is disputed because it appears to have originated in separate parts of the world simultaneously. The name kettlebell comes from Russia, where farmers used kettlebells to weigh their grain and produce as units of measurement in a counter weight system. The Russian army incorporated Kettlebells into their training program and from there, kettlebells came to the USA by the early 1800s. However, across the world in Scotland, a similar device was used in the Scottish game of curling. Even earlier, kettlebell similar tools were used by the Greeks and Chinese. Regardless of where the kettlebell originated from, one thing is certain, it's a super useful fitness equipment!

Kettlebell sizes and colors

2.27 kilogram (5 lbs.) yellow kettlebell

3.4 kilogram (7.5 lbs.) red kettlebell

4.54 kilogram (10 lbs.) green kettlebell or blue kettlebell

6.8 kilogram (15 lbs.) blue kettlebell or red kettlebell

9.07 kilogram (20 lbs.) black kettlebell or yellow kettlebell

11.34 kilogram (25 lbs.) silver kettlebell or royal kettlebell 

13.61 kilogram (30 lbs.) gold kettlebell or orange kettlebell 

15.87 kilogram (35 lbs.) green kettlebell 

18.14 kilogram (40 lbs.) purple kettlebell 

20.41 kilogram (45 lbs.) black kettlebell  

*Check out our mini kettlebell category to see super small sizes!