Rubber Kettlebells 6" and 8" colored by Champion

Champion Rubber, colorful Kettlebells

Check out these rubber kettlebells by Champion! These fun bright rubber kettlebells are made form 100% virgin rubber and are high quality dumbbells that are great for increasing strength and edurance. Kettlebells come in smaller weight increments than traditional kettlebells. Our kettlebells come engineered to improve grip, coordination and endurance. Our kettlebells improve strength training by taking you to the next level. Kettlebells use all the muscle groups in the body and increase the coordination between muscle groups while strengthening the stabilizer muscles. This means that you will see a marked improvement in balance and overall health. 

There is a reason that getting a grip with kettlebells is one of the most favorite activities on the fitness scene. In nearly every health club you can find celebreties, professional athletes and trainers and business executives working out with advanced kettlebell routines. Now, thanks to our 2 pound rubble kettlebell weight increments, even youth and children can join in the action, making this an activity that the entire family can enjoy. Studies show that including children in physical activities help to moderate ADHD, reduce child obesety, and icnrease the brain activity in children. Active play is one of the best things your children can do and these fun, energetic rubber kettlebells are a great way to make working out a family habit and incorporate and teach good fitness to your kids! Plus at this price you can enjoy all the weights in the comfort of your own home!

Some faverite exercises that you can do with rubber kettlebells include squats, pulls, overhead throws and more. There is a reason that the kettlebell has made its way across the world from Russia and has taken the fitness industy by storm! 

Robber kettlebell sizes and colors offered by HealthyExercize include: