CanDo® Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

HealthyExercize CanDo Vinyl Coated Colorful Kettlebells

Since the 1980s CanDo has provided high quality exercise equipment and rehabilitation tools. These colorful kettlebells are no exception. Make of high quality vinyl, kettlebells won't damage your floors or furniture. Plus, these kettlebells are color coded for specific weights to add variety and fun to your workout. CanDo Kettlebells come with the weight clearly printed on the vinyl. The weight measurements include the weight in both pounds and kilograms. Kettlebells are super popular because they can work nearly every muscle in the body, they teach body systems to work together, helping to reduce injury, and they can be used for a numberless types of workouts. This keeps you from getting bored or stuck on a fitness plateau. 

Kettlebells have been used for fitness and games for hundreds of years. In the 1800s strongmen used kettlebells to showcase their unusual strength and abilities. The Russian military adopted the use of Kettlebells from the Russian farmers in the 1400s to train the soldiers and increase endurance. today kettlebells are used to enhance muscle strength, coordination, and overall health. Kettlebells help to build the core muscles found in the trunk of the body and also increase the fortitude of the stabilizer muscles. This helps to decrease injury during other daily tasks and to rehabilitate muscle groups after an injury. The CanDo kettlebells come in smaller weight increments than are typically found in kettlebell weights because CanDo introduced these kettlebells specifically for use in rehabilitation settings. For years rehabilitation therapists have recommended the use of CanDo kettlebells to their patients. These kettlebells come in 5 pounds yellow, 7.5 pounds red, 10 pounds green, 15 pounds blue, 20 pounds black, 25 pounds silver, and 30 pounds gold. increments. This ideal for the beginner and starting in smaller weights will help you to build all the muscles used to coordinate kettlebell activities and  minimize damage. As your strength increases, even those lesser worked muscles will grow stronger and you will see fewer back problems and other spinal and skeletal issues. Additionally you will enjoy greater cardiovascular health and fitness. Plus Kettlebells provide one of the most calorie dense workout burns available!

Kettlebell weights in Kilograms: 

2.27 kilogram (5 lbs.) yellow kettlebell

3.4 kilogram (7.5 lbs.) red kettlebell

4.54 kilogram (10 lbs.) green kettlebell 

6.8 kilogram (15 lbs.) blue kettlebell 

9.07 kilogram (20 lbs.) black kettlebell

11.34 kilogram (25 lbs.) silver kettlebell

13.61 kilogram (30 lbs.) gold kettlebell