Ankle & Wrist Weight Straps, CanDo

Ankle & Wrist Weight Straps, made by CanDo

Ankle weight straps are a great way to strengthen ankles and help to prevent injury. These straps are versatile enough that they fit both ankle diameter and wrist circumference. Straps adjust to various sizes and come in a variety of weights. We offer 1 pound, 2 pound, 3 pound, 4 pound, and 5 pound ankle and wrist weights. These are a great weight to incorporate into your daily activities and will increase the calorie burn during aerobic workouts. These weight straps come in black and blue stylish design.

CanDo wrist and ankle weights are ideal for rehabilitation and loved by physical therapists around the world as a safe and incremental way to improve their patients health and regain functional ability. Ankle weights are also a great way for seniors to easily incorporated resistance training into their daily activities and preserve greater independence in function.