Weightlifting is so beneficial that we could, and probably will, devote page after page dedicated to the benefits of weightlifting. But you'll have to check out our blog for all that information! Instead we wanted to list some of the best advantages to weight lifting and give you a lot of useful information about our supplies. For the women out there, don't worry, you won't get bulky unless you undertake a specific "bulking up" regimine that is designed to build bulk.

Weightlifting does so much! It helps to improve your mood and increases your heart health. It increases bone density and decreases your chances of osteoporosis.  Weightlifting boosts your metabolism and encourages your body to  burn more calories than aerobic exercise alone does. That means that you see faster results from weight lifting-aerobic exercise than aerobic exercise alone. Plus you can pack a very powerful workout in 20 minutes or less, which means that you can be more consistent if you fight time limitations in your health routines. It helps improve mood and decreases depression.

Weightlifting helps athletes to be better at their sports by increasing the intensity level that muscles can perform at on the field. It helps to synchronize the muscles working together and reduces the chances of injury during day to day activities. Increased core and stability muscle strength means that your trunk and core functions are healthier and perform better. It reduces the chances of diabetes and controls blood sugar better. I also makes increases mental alertness can improve brain function.

Benefits for aging adults: In addition to increasing bone mass, it helps older adults to avoid bone mass depletion and to stay healthier and with a lower risk of broken bones from falls and slips. Weight loss also helps you to stop the loss of muscle mass converting to fat through aging and keeps the elderly performing daily activity tasks longer, which maintains their independence longer.

HealthyExercize offers a wide supply of weightlifting supplies. We have commercial grade supplies for gyms, professionals and for home use. We offer equipment that meets the International Weightlifting Federation standards and Olympic standards. Choose from free weights and weight machines. We have pylometric equipment, weight vests and logs, and battle ropes. Whatever you are looking for, HealthyExercize has it!