Voit® 7" "Seven" Tuff Balls Set of 6

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16.20 LBS
Voit® 7" "Seven" Tuff Balls Set of 6

HealthyExercize.com Voit® 7" "Seven" Tuff Balls Set of 6 These Seven Voit Tuff Balls come in a set of 6 but are 7" in diameter. These balls are soft, yet easy for smaller or younger hands to grip, throw, and catch. Playing ball games will help to develope kid's confidence and motor skills. Plus, these balls are great for outdoor use and are made to last. The surface is tear resistant.

  • Our coated foam balls are soft, squeezable and built to last
  • Durable enough for all playground and indoor games
  • Builds confidence and enhances skill development
  • Easy to catch, grip and control
  • Tear-resistant cover is washable, non-toxic and can be disinfected
  • Each set includes 1 of each color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow
0002 Year(s)