Yoga & Exercise Mats

Uncomfortable yoga mats can ruin your focus and the ability to properly perform yoga. These yoga mats are designed for your maximum comfort so that you can focus on the more difficult yoga positions and truly obtain harmony with your body. Yoga is a difficult and masterful study that takes time, effort and dedication to achieve. It affects not only your physical flexibility, but you emotional and physical well-being. Yoga has made a positive difference to millions of people for thousands of years. But it's hard to focus or meditate on a hard uncomfortable mat. That's why HealthyExercize provides these time-tested mats for comfort and to assist in safety during yoga. You will love the comfort as these mats are made from polyurethanes that are engineered to provide closed cell foam with a high level of support. Mats are waterproof (and sweat proof) and are made with a non-slip surface to keep you safe. Happy Yoga!