Ankle Stretching & Exercise Aids

Weak or injured ankles are difficult to function on. The ankle often goes unnoticed, but is critical to any activity. Weak ankles sprain easily, twist unexpectedly, and pull ligaments and tissue. This is painful and debilitating. Ankle injuries often come at the worst of times. That is why offers a full range of ankle exersisers and strengtheners. Often women notice increased foot and heel pain and decreased performance in running and hiking after wearing high heels for months or years. Our ankle stretching tools are a vital way to maintain ankle and calf strength and flexibility and will help to avoid injury. These tools are also critical for the elderly in preventing future injury. Of course, they are loved by physical therapists around the world for complete rehabilitation!

Our Ankle bands are ideal for rehabilitation and are used by physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists all over the world. The Ankle Tough bands are ideal for eversion and dorsiflexion stretching and have enough give in the band to provide consistent pull without additional injury. We also offer a full array of include boards, which are created by doctors and specifically engineered to stretch the lower calves, heel tendons, and the lower back. This helps to alleviate lower back pain and is particularly useful in reversing the damage done by long term wear of high heels. Our

The Shuttle Mini Press machines are ideal for rehabilitation after hip replacement surgeries and hip fractures. They are also preferred for muscle strengthening of the muscles after total knee surgeries, ACL surgeries and shoulder surgeries. This is a useful tool for senior citizens to use to help reduce the chance of future injury because the give a smooth resistance which provides flexion. The extension rehabilitation and maintenance exercises are easily used by individuals in a wheelchair, on the floor, mat, table, or bed. It can also be used on the tabletop for upper body exercises.

Our Foot Gym Exerciser is ideal for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, and shin splints. So often these injuries are caused by improperly stretched calf muscles and ankle tendons. This exerciser is ideal to prevent and to recover from all of these injuries. It provides Toe curl, toe flexion and dorsiflexion for stronger feet.  

Pro Stretch Stretching device is effective in improving the range of motion and to alleviate and rehabilitate plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and tight calves. It helps for overall performance.

Whether it's on the field, muscle decline in performance from aging, accidents, or long term degradation of the foot, our ankle stretching and exercise aids can make a big difference to your recovery.