Selectorized Lat Pull/Low Row

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Selectorized Lat Pull/Low Row
418.00 LBS Champion Selectorized Lat Pull/Low Row

This fantastic machine provides a lateral pull down and a lateral row. To use focus primarily on your biceps, make sure you have a great posture. Pull the bar down to your chest. While focusing on using your lats, hold for a second before evenly returning the bar to its original place. The Lat Row will allow you to gain all the upper body benefits of rowing and will work your shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

    • Works multiple muscle groups in back and arms; no cable adjustment needed to switch from lat pulldowns to low rows


    • Features adjustable knee rollers, stack guard and foot support


    • Includes rowing attachment and lat bar; storage hooks hold bar/handle attachments in place when not in use


    • Pads are 2.5" high density foam with 40 oz. Black marine grade vinyl


    • 200 lb. weight stack is fully encased with a Polycarbonate Shroud


    • Includes instructional placard


    • 86"H x 36"W x 77.5"L - 423 lbs.


0001 Year(s)