Rowing Machines: why people are flocking to use the ergometer

An increased rowing popularity

Perhaps you’ve noticed that spinning classes have become less filled than previously. It’s not because cycling has ceased to give great rewards. Rather, it’s because a fun, exciting, new machine has taken center stage. The rowing machine is a powerful low impact, fat conquering machine. Called the ergometer because it acurately measures speed, time and calorie torching; there is no cheating while rowing. The benefits of incorporating rowing into your exercise regimen are many. Let’s explore a few of them.

Rowing provides powerful fat burning workouts


Rowing provides a whole body workout that incinerates fat.

Did you know that rowing burns 2-3 times the calories of spinning and 50% more calories than the elliptical? The average person will burn between 600 and 800 calories in an hour of rowing. A 50 minute intense workout can blaze through 1200 calories! Even a 15 minute workout will burn 115 calories which means that with a little or a lot of time, you can make serious changes in your body composition! The entire body workout makes the ergometer one of the most efficient exercise machines on the market.

This is because rowing works nearly every muscle group in your entire body. Unlike other popular machines which work roughly 95% of the lower body, Rowing works 60% of the lower body and 40% of the upper body. This is what accounts for the increased calorie burn. By working all your muscle groups, you are toning your entire body. This enhances the weight loss by showing muscle definition and toning.

Complete Muscle Toning, Strengthening, Mobility and Endurance

Yes, I already mentioned the whole body workout, but rowing improves total muscle strength and endurance. Muscle strength is how much resistance your muscles can lift or work against and muscle strength is the amount of time or the number of reps that can be safely performed. Rowing improves both endurance and strength because it provides incrementally high performance workouts that improve performance and tone muscles.

Plus, The full range of motion works all major joints and muscle groups. This improves range of motion, flexibility, and even joint strength. This is perfect for those who struggle with various joint and muscle limitations. The rowing machine can be adjusted for different levels of resistance, which makes it a great way to build ability without causing damage. As the rower becomes stronger and starts to see whole range of motion increase, the intensity can be increased.

Low impact fitness that is ideal for rehab


Perfect for competitive athletes who suffer from weight bearing injuries

Runners, cyclists, weight lifters and other competitive athletes can benefit greatly from the ergometer. The intense, complete workout provides a way to condition and train muscles, but without the impact created through the competitive sport. Of course runners still need to train through running, but runners can benefit from rowing during non-competitive seasons by maintaining full body conditioning and reducing running related injuries. Many runners have used rowing to recover from an injury such as Achilles tendon problem and benefited from maintaining endurance and strength during the recovery time period. Even cyclists and weight lifters will benefit from rowing because as they row, they will condition minor muscles that are not typically focused on. These lesser-known muscles will give added strength and stabilization to the athlete’s body improving performance.

Among the muscles benefited by rowing are the rhomboids in the shoulders, the biceps in the arms, the trapezius in the upper back and the pectorals. The gluts, hamstrings, and quads are among the muscles most worked. The abdominals, buttocks, calves, and the obliques are also worked, although not as vigorously. Even the wrists and hand muscles are worked during rowing which improves grip strength.

Improves the Bodies basic systems for increased organ and tissue health

Incorporating the indoor rowing into your workout improves the body’s efficiency systems. Cardiovascular health is increased as the heart function improves and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. The lung performance is boosted as the lungs become more efficient at infusing the blood with oxygen and the circulatory system boosts its effectiveness in getting that oxygen to the body’s systems. Increased heart rate works the heart muscle in important ways. The heart is the most important muscle in the body and keeping it healthy and strong is vital to a longer more fulfilling life.

One of the amazing features of the human body is that it dislikes discomfort. This is a benefit because the discomfort that the body’s systems feel during a workout causes those systems to improve in both the efficiency and the accuracy of the performance. The tissues receive oxygen and perform better. Cells get rid of cellular waste more effectively. Even kidneys, liver and digestive systems benefit from the physical activities.


Anyone can enjoy using a rower from ages 10 to 99 with any weight or fitness level.

All ages can enjoy rowing, because rowing is easy to learn. The proper form and technique of rowing can be learned in 10 minutes. Indoor rowing provides control over the resistance level, the timing and the pace of the rowing. The slider seat displaces weight so even very heavy individuals can use the rowing machine with little risk of injury. Rowing machines are low impact, which means that the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Plus they are low to the ground which reduces injury and tipping incidents. If you are embarking on increased physical exertion, it is recommended that you consult with a physician to ensure that you don’t injure or place undue strain on body systems too quickly or unhealthily. As mentioned above, the impact free nature of the rower makes it ideal for those recovering from joint or other injuries as well as from back pain and discomfort.

Rowing improves posture and strengthens the back


Relief from back pain and improved posture.

Rowing provides a low impact workout to the upper and lower back muscles. This is especially critical for those with sedentary lifestyles or who spend their working hours sitting or hunched over a desk. Lack of physical exertion results in weakened back muscles prone to injury, muscle pulls, and discomfort. A working workout provides a full back conditioning and reduces the chances of further injury and provides relief from back pain.

Additionally, rowing trains the back in better posture, which will reap additional benefits during non-workout times of the day. Stabilizer and neutralizer muscles are worked and improve balance. Core strength is increased through the strengthening of trunk muscles.

Busy, Unmotivated, or Stressed?

The ergometer provides fantastic results in as little as 10 minutes of high intensity workouts daily. You will see marked results even if you have limited time for exercise. Purchase a rowing machine for home use and you can cut out the travel to and from the gym.

The Mayo Clinic has reported that physical activity stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain. Released serotonin and other hormones bring about positive changes in mood. Increase the amounts of endorphins in your body through use of the rower and help to reduce stress or lift feelings of depression. Plus regular use of the rowing machine will help to keep you energized all day long!

The measurement console on the rowing exercise machine provides accurate information around speed, effort, distance and calories burned. This helps to motivate you during workouts and over the course of many workouts as you see improved performance. Milestones are easy to track.


Top advantages of the ergometer

- Fast Results for weight loss

- Full body muscle toning and conditioning

- Muscle and joint flexibility, increased endurance and strength

- A great companion in training for competitive sports

- Low risk of injury and low impact makes it ideal for injury and rehab

- Improved Heart and lung function, more efficient cardiovascular system and tissue performance

- Reduces back strain and relief from back pain through strengthening of the back muscles and improved posture

- Great for all weights, ages, and fitness levels

- Enhanced mood and reduced stress

- FUN!


If you haven’t tried the rowing machine yet, give it a try the next time you go to the gym. Chances are, you will love it and will enjoy the many benefits of rowing to health. Rowing can be done individually or socially in classes or groups. If you purchase a row machine, it stores easily against the wall or in a closet.

After you’ve tried it, please share your experience below!