Rowing machine: 3 reasons to fall in love with the ergometer.

Weight loss: Did you know that using the rower burns up to 50 percent more calories than the elliptical and twice as many calories as spinning? That’s powerful stuff. Just 15 minutes on the rowing machine can burn between 115 and 160 calories. That creates a powerful formula for weight loss. One hour will burn around 600 calories for a 130 lb. woman and average around 800 calories for a 175 lb. man. So the next time you head to the gym or browse for home gym equipment, remember the rowing machine. It gives one of the most effective cardiovascular and respiratory workouts while providing the added advantages of intense fat scorching and calorie searing activities available.


Full body workout: From Abs and arms to legs, calves and butt, the ergometer works almost every muscle in your body. This is a highly efficient machine. Even your heart and lungs get a healthy workout that increases the efficiency of your body’s many systems. After a workout on the rowing machine, your shoulders will be strengthened, your upper and lower back muscles will be stretched and invigorated. Even your abs and quads receive a great workout. Regular use on the rower will decrease the chance of injury during other activities, which is particularly important for those with desk jobs. Because most injuries occur due to inadequate muscle activity and decreased function, the rower will improve the power and capability of even lesser-known muscles and reduce the chance of injury.


Low Impact with increased mobility: Unlike running, rowing doesn’t tear at the joints and muscles. Yet the full range of motion used during rowing increases the muscle performance and mobility. This low impact activity has little risk of injury while increasing both the range of motion and the strength of motion in dozens of muscle groups. This makes rowing ideal for athletes who are training during non-competitive seasons because it reduces risk of training injury while still providing an intense workout with improved flexibility. It also makes the ergometer ideal for those who in physical therapy or who are recovering from an injury. All age groups from young to old can enjoy the many benefits from the rower without worry about added injury, strain, or impact to weakened parts of the body.

So the next time you purchase another piece of exercise equipment for home use, take a serious look at the rowing machine. If you haven’t tried it, then head to a gym and try the rowing machine before you purchase a different piece of equipment. You will fall in love with the ergometer as the most effective exercise machine in your home.