Hand Trainer Extension

The hands are one of the most functionally important parts of the body. Without hand function, grip strength and finger extension, it is nearly impossible to perform any independance functions. The hands communicate, hold objects, and open doors for us, both figuratively and literally. Our hand and finger tools are medically engineered to improve hand, finger, wrist, and forearm function and strength. We offer tools to improve grip strength, and hand flexibility. These tools are specifically designed for physical therapy and are recommended by clinicians and hospitals everywhere. CanDo rehabilitation tools have been widely popular since the 1980s and Cando is a premier provider of rehabilitation tools. We offer tools to help with functional performance in independance tasks such as buttons, turning door knobs, dressing and movement function.

We offer tools to increase grip strength, which is vital for many occupational tasks, important to athletic performance, and an overall indicator of health. Our tools provide isolated finger strengthening and help to rehabilitate hands and wrists from carpal tunnel. Improve hand and finger flexibility with our extension tools. Sufferers of arthritis and stroke can use these hand and finger tools to recover hand function. We have equipment specifically for tennis elbow and nerve lacerations.