Foam Gel Squeeze Balls

Our Foam and Gel squeeze balls are a classical approach to increasing grip strength. Hands can be easily exercised while watching TV, reading, or performing other tasks. We offer a variety of foam and gel balls to need every individual preference. Our balls have an array of resistance levels and come in a range of sizes to fit every hand size. Grip strength is the most important thing you can do to increase your functional strength. Grip strength is more important than simply opening a jar of pickles. Grip strength is vital to police officers who often have to retain a grip on suspect's hands or face death. Grip strength can be an indicator of mortality rates in middle aged adults. Grip strength is vital for athletes, weightlifters and other performers. Use our exerciser balls to develop isolated finger strength, rehabilitate from carpal tunnel, improve flexibility, recover hand function from arthritis or stroke. Suffers from tendon injury, tennis elbow and nerve lacerations also benefit from using our gel balls. We offer therapeutic foam and memory foam squeeze balls and our gel balls can withstand temperatures ranging from 76 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally we offer round and cylindrical balls.