Finger exerciser

Our Finger exercisers are specifically designed for finger physical therapy. For physical therapists, we offer a wall hanger that provides a base for our task specific physical therapy tools. we offer the finger ladder to encourage motion in all directions, a buckle and zipper module, buttons and snap module, shoe and boot laces module, rotation knobs, twisting bar, and latch and knob modules. These specialty functions help patients to train fingers to perform independent tasks. Independance is a key factor in patient contentment and the inability to perform basic tasks such as are required for dressing, kitchen tasks, and opening doors can be a strong influencer for discouragement. These physical therapy modules are specifically designed to help patients retraining after accidents, elderly patients who have lost critical function, and coordination skills.

Our finger exercisers are engineered to increase isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination. They are ideally for building hand and forearm strength. We offer a variety of resistance exercisers, including exerciser thumb attachments.