Balance Boards & Platforms

Balance Boards and Platforms by HealthyExercize feature a variety of balance products designed to teach and increase balance. These products train the body's stabilizer muscles to perform better and will decrease the chance of injury and balance related falls. Our slide boards are great for athletes and fitness trainers and are popular for plyometric exercises and lateral slide training. Ice Skaters (Figure Ice Skaters, Competition Racers, and Performance Skaters) and Hockey players use the Lateral Slide board to train off the rink and strengthen specific leg muscles. Our balance boards include a wide variety of options. We offer balance boards with handles for easier carrying and for greater versatility with exercise tubing or bands. We offer balance platforms on stones to create difficult balance challenges and increase balance skills. Our leg specific boards focus balance training on precise sides of the body. Our MVP Balance system is the king of balance systems and offers diverse levels of balance difficulties, types of balance situations and is ideal for athletic training and full range of rehabilitation. Our paws and instability pads are smaller and easily transported. Regardless of your proprioceptive training needs and vestibular weaknesses, we offer the products to get you back on track and performing at your optimal ability.