Aerobic pads and Balance Pads

Our Balance Pads and Aerobic Pads offer a great variety of balance tools. Aerobic pads are ideal for low impact aerobics and aerobic classes. It offers soft cushioning and features a non-slip surface. They are small and easy to store or stack. Both aerobic instructors and individual home users love these aerobic pads. Our feature balance pad is the trapezoid pad. This is a safe and effective way to teach balance for the trapezoid without the risk of falling. It is especially useful for children as a way to reduce the fear of the trapezoid until the child is more confident balancing. It can be set narrow side down or wide side down for greater versatility. Our other balance pads are custom built to train stability and increase balance in a safe manner. Its great for vestibular training and are widely used by physical therapists to reduce dizziness-related problems without risk of injury. Our balance and aerobic pads are made with high quality components with safety and comfort as a top priority.