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PRO POWER JUMPER PRO POWER JUMPER is for any coach who wants to increase the vertical jumps of their team. Its a great way to improve not only athletes jump time, but also their reaction time and overall performance. The durable 30" by 50" platform can be used with a variety of of heights up to 5' 10".  Long tubing is sold separately for athletes over 5' 10".

The platform can be counter weighted on both sides with additional weight. Pro Power Jumper is a pylometric training device that is designed to improve jumping ability. The tubing provides resistance as the athlete jumps off the ground and pull the athlete back to the ground. This allows the athlete to perform more jumps. This increased resistance places increased fiber stretch on the muscles. 

Train with maximal jumps for power and repeated jumps for endurance. Lateral jumps help to improve agility. 

Pro Power Jumper provides resistance to jumping which has been shown to improve jumping power and height. It includes a non-slip platform for secure footing and is used by athletes in many sports to increase performance.

Not only is the Pro Power Jumper ideal for basketball players, but is also ideal for track, soccer, badminten, bossaball and more! The Pro Power Jumper makes atheles more explosive and faster on the court, field and on the track. 

Power Jumper system will help to improve your performance and provide unparalleled with discernible results. Its a great way to set yourself or your team apart! 

    • Improve jump height and reaction time for better overall performance
    • Unit includes resistance tubing, shoulder harness, 30" x 50" nonslip jumping platform  
    • Platform is counter weighted on each side with a 45 lb. weight plate (sold separately)  
    • Standard length regular tubing for athletes 5'10" and under  
    • For indoor use only
    • Shortens reaction time
    • Improves reactions
    • Improves jumping for better performance
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