Premium Lateral Resistor - Light

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Premium Lateral Resistor - Light Premium Lateral Resistor is designed to strengthen the lower body muscles designed for lateral movement. Athletes are better able to learn the proper techniques for defensive training. Our Lateral Resister is a great way to develop first step quickness and lateral speed. It also helps to strengthen fluid movement and proper body positioning for key muscles in athletics. Lateral resister is padded for a comfortable fit and comes with a flexicord that is available in three tension levels, light, medium and heavy. This product is the light level. Its also easily and quickly removable for changing between athletes. 

Heavy Designed to strengthen the muscles responsible for lateral movement, and desgined to teach athletes proper technique for defensive positioning
Hand-sewn, padded ankle cuffs provide a snug comfortable fit
17" flexicord, available in three tension levels: Light
Removes quickly for swapping between multiple athletes

Great for lower body training. 

0001 Year(s)