Olympic Grip Plates

Olympic Style Plates by HealthyExercize.com

Olympic style plates have quite a few differences than standard weight plates. The first and most tnotible difference is the size diffference of the plate holes. Grip plates provide easier transportation and carying than solid Olympic plates. The second difference is the cost. Standard plates are typically cheaper and usually used solely for home use while olympic plates are used for commercial, home and professional use. Olympic style plates meet the standard of the olympics and are of a higher quality than standard plates. Our Olympic style plates are made of a  high quality durable goods. The measurements provide a snug fit and are not sloppy or cheaply made like some Olympic plates. Our Olympic syle plates are a fine, long lasting plat that wil lprovide you with a snug fit, essential for good weight training. The Olympic style bars can handle weights of 700 lbs, 1000 lbs., and 1500 lbs,

Our Olympic Style Grip Plates come in a variety of sizes. We offer 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 35 pounds and 45 pounds grip plates.