Nylon Tricep Rope

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1.35 LBS
Nylon Tricep Rope

Cable Crossover Machine

HealthyExercize.com Champion Nylon Tricep Rope Heavy duty lat rope attachment with polished chrome connector.

  • Tricep Rope works your triceps, back, biceps, abs, and shoulders 
  • Universally compatible with the Cable Machine 
  • Features a heavy duty rope with an adjustable hook. 
  • Ideal for home use, commercial gym use, and outdoor use. 
  • Improves grip strength
  • Used for tricep extensions, tricep push-downs, hammer curls, biceps curls, and ab crunches and more. Endless exercises to use with this rope
  • High qualify rope means that this triceps rope will last for years to come 
0001 Year(s)