Nine Reasons the Recumbent bike provides the ideal workout

9 Benefits Recumbent Exercise Bikes give the perfect workout

What's the big fuss about recumbent bikes? Why have they gained in popularity so rapidly? If you've wondered these questions, then here are nine reasons that the world is falling in love with recumbent exercise bikes

1-      Better support for your lower back.  Recumbent bikes don’t place strain on the lower back or require the upper back to be curved and the rider hunched over the handlebars.

2-      Easy on the Joints and wrists:  The rider’s position requires no pressure to the wrists or joints because the entirety of the rider’s weight is distributed through the seat.

3-      Comfortable sitting. The bucket seat on a recumbent bike eliminates saddle soreness. This means a more enjoyable and longer ride which makes it easier to burn more calories.

4-      Better Posture is encouraged by recumbent exercise bikes which means that the neck and shoulders are not strained.

5-      Perfect for rehab because they are less injury prone. The ergonomic factors of the recumbent bike provides a powerful workout without undue strain on the body. This gives individuals of all fitness levels, health and weight levels and even those rehabilitating the opportunity to cycle to better fitness.

6-      Upper Body is freed up during the ride which allows the rider to enjoy a movie or TV show, read a book, or play a game.

7-      A Whole Body workout may seem contrary to the previous choice, but recumbent bikes allow for the athlete to train with upper body weights during the routine. This gives a fantastic whole body workout!

8-      Better lower body workout forces the gluts, hamstrings and calves to work out without the benefit of gravity during peddling.

9-      Safer: the lower seat creates a lower center of gravity, making a recumbent bike a more stable cycling workout. Additionally, because the rider’s weight isn’t over the pedals, it eliminates the majority of the accidents that occur on bikes.  



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