Night Exercise can help you sleep better


Night Exercise can help you sleep better

It’s been a myth for decades. Night exercise has been discouraged as a means of destroying sleep. We have been advised that morning exercise is best. However, that assumption may not be true for everyone. A new study by the National Sleep Foundation has some surprising results.

The Benefits of Morning Exercise

For many people that is true. Many athletes find that their energy levels are highest in the morning and that by the time evening comes, both motivation and energy levels fall. Exercising in the morning helps to create a successful routine and can make the difference between quitting or continuing. Many athletes notice better and stronger workouts when they workout in the morning.

The Benefits of Evening Exercise

Yet for many others, mornings are not a feasible time to workout. Mornings mean at best a groggy and half hearted workout. For these athletes, evenings are when their energy comes and great workouts happen.

How Exercise helps Sleep Quality

If you are a night person, you can now sleep soundly. The National Sleep Institute has destroyed the myth that night-time workouts hurt sleep quality. A study with over a thousand participants found that it doesn’t matter what time of the day you exercise.

The most important factor is in exercising. Individuals who exercise are most likely to sleep better than those who don’t exercise at all during the day. The study showed that 83% of people enjoy better sleep on days when they exercise. Only 3% of individuals see a decrease in the quality of sleep when exercising in the evening or night hours.  

Additionally, the National Sleep Institute found that evening workouts don’t have any negative impact on most people’s sleep. Plus is you are able to workout stronger and with more concentration which will mean that the workout will have greater benefit for you as well.   

So go running, lift weights and go full speed right before bed. It can help your soundness of sleep and give you a peaceful night’s rest.