Kettlebell Fun Facts

Kettlebell Fun Facts: Things that will surprise and amaze you about kettlebells. 

Kettlebell fun fact #1: Kettlebells burn a greater amount of fat in less time than many traditional exercises and they do with without building bulk! Of course there are some kettlebell exercises designed specifically to build bulk, but these are mandatory if you don’t want bulk!

Kettlebell fun fact #2: 15 minutes on an elliptical machine burns between 50-125 calories while 15 minutes using kettlebells will burn around 300 calories!! This makes kettlebells a fantastic component to your fitness and weight loss regimen!

Kettlebells help to accelerate weight loss due to intense calorie burningKettlebell fun fact #3: Kettlebells require the use of your stabilizer muscles and so they increase balance and teach your muscles to work together to accomplish tasks.

Kettlebell fun fact #4: Kettlebells help to improve posture! So the next time you get caught slouching, go home and include kettlebells in your workout!

Kettlebell fun fact #5: Kettlebells have a great 'after-burn' by providing the body with both aerobic exercise during kettlebell reps, but also a prolonged anaerobic burn after the exercise has completed!


Kettlebell fun fact #6: Kettlebells improve motion and range of movement. This 10 lb. kettlebell is also perfect for teenagers who still have developing bodies or to help condition older bodies.

Kettlebell fun fact #7: Many who spend a large portion of their day sitting down have lost strength in their lower extremities, especially in the hammocks and buttock. Kettlebells improve buttocks and hammock strength and thus improves lower back conditioning. This results in reduced lower back pain and greater movement and range of motion. Kettlebells are a great tool to decrease the instances of your back going out of place, but please start with a proper kettlebell weight!

Kettlebell fun fact #8: Kettlebells offer full body conditioning and teaches the muscles to synchronize together for more harmonious movements and greater physical abilities.

Kettlebell fun fact #9: Kettlebells can provide increased strength without increased mass.

Kettlebell fun fact #10: Kettlebells increase grip strength making them perfect for older adults!

Kettlebell fun fact #11: Kettlebells were originally called Kettleballs and were hollow on the inside

Kettlebell fun fact #12: In the early 1900s Strongmen liked to pose and exhibit with kettlebells because it made them look more impressive.

Kettlebell fun fact #12: The Russians first introduced kettlebells to the rest of the world in the early 1800s. by the 1900s, Kettlebells were part of official sports in Russia.

Kettlebell fun fact #13: Even the Greeks had a precursor to the Kettlebell. They used a large rock with a handle for exercise and strength training.


Kettlebell fun fact #14: The Chinese Shaolin Monks used large padlocks with handles for training that closely mirrors modern kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell fun fact #15: Cannon balls were used in Roman times to train athletes for competitions.

Kettlebell fun fact #16: There is a heated and prolonged debate occurring around where and when the kettlebell first originated, Russia or Scotland.

Kettlebell fun fact #17: Both Russia and the highlands of Scotland claim to have originated kettlebells. In Scotland, a popular game consisted of pushing rocks across a frozen lake with brooms. By casting the rocks in iron, they were easier to handle and the first middle ages kettlebell was born!

Kettlebell fun fact #18: In Russia, Kettlebells were originally used by farmers as a counter weight to grains and other produce when selling at the market

Kettlebell fun fact #19: Originally, in Russia, Kettlebells were used as counter weights against produce. 1 pood = 1 kettlebell of 36 pounds. Measurements were counted in 1 pood, 1.5 pood, and 2 poods.


Kettlebell Fun fact #20: Kettlebells were originally cast iron balls, but were hollow. They were filled in the center to increase the weight of the kettlebell.

Kettlebell fun fact #21: One famous Strongman was Arthur Saxton who lived from 1878 to 1921. He liked to open his shows with a feat which included a move called the bent press which included a "bell" (kettlebell) and would brag that he was the only man able to do this feat. He liked to openly challenge another muscleman, Eugen Sandow to perform it. On one occasion Sandow was in the audience and came to stage to meet the challenge. He was unable to accurately perform the feat, but took Saxton to court and won. This court decision ended Saxton's public bragging rights that he was stronger than Sandow.

Kettlebell fun fact #22: The man who was nicknames "the king to kettlebells" was Petr (Pyotr) Krylov who lived from 1871 to 1933. He was a self-taught muscle man.

Kettlebell fun fact #23: Strongman Arthur Saxton performed with a 113 lb kettlebell while lifting a barbell that weighted 370 lbs with the other hand.


Kettlebell fun fact #24: Kettlebell swings are meant to be done one handed.

Kettlebell fun fact #25: When initially starting to workout with kettlebells, it is recommended that you limit your repetitions to 5-10 reps per exercise. This is so that you can build proper form and range of motion, thus reducing the chance of injury. This will also ensure that you can continue to go farther on the heavier kettlebells. 

Kettlebell fun fact #26: Kettlebells have been shown to increase metabolism, something many women desire to do!


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