Incline Support Bench with Spotter Platform

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Incline Support Bench w/Spotter
140.40 LBS
Incline Support Bench with Spotter Platform Champion Incline Support Bench with Spotter Platform

This multi function bench by Champion is ideal for weightlifting and bodybuilding. It has the ability to incline and works with many machines. The spotter platform makes safety convinent and easy! Works with body buidling machines. Weightlifters love this Champion Incline Support Bench that includes a spotter platform to build their deltoids and pecs. The bar height can be adjusted for optimal height. Seat pad can be adjusted for the preferred angle from 36 degrees to 56 degrees. The padding is made from high density foam for comfort while lifting and the spotters platform is placed at a convenient height for spotters to safety monitor lifting. Spotters should be above the bar for safe spotting, not standing on the floor.

  • Constructed of 2" square heavy wall steel tubing
  • Ideal for developing deltoids and upper pectorals
  • Pad is 10"W x 42"L and adjusts from 36° to 56° and is constructed of 2.5" high density foam with 40 oz. Black marine grade viny 
  • Includes spotter's platform
  • 45"H x 48"W x 48"D - 140 lbs.


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