Foam Plyo Boxes (Set of 3)

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Foam Plyo Boxes, (Set of 3), Plyometric platforms Wilder Fitness Equip Foam Plyo Boxes (Set of 3)

One major consideration for athletes in performing plyometric exercizes and box jumps is the legitimate concern of hurting themselves. In addition an athlete may be cautious of increasing their jumping height for fear of injury and this fear can often cause hesitation in the jump, resulting in injury. These Wilder Foam Plyo Boxes solve this problem. They are firm enough for plyometric exercises, but will not harm your shins if you miss. The box height can be customized so that you can increase your height as your abilities expand. The sturdy side handle makes transportation easy.

    • Large 30" x 36" landing surface eliminates athlete's fear of missing the box
    • Constructed of 100% Naugahyde and premium density polyethylene foam that will not break down, de-laminate or soften over time
    • Includes handles, Velcro tabs to secure boxes together and compression vents for air release
    • Sold in sets of 3 only: 1 - 6", 1 - 12", 1 - 18"
    • Custom color options: Navy, Royal, Light Blue, Dark Green, Kelly, Yellow, Athletic Gold, Orange, Scarlet, Maroon, Purple, White


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