Fitness Power Ropes-2" 50'

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Fitness Power Ropes-2" 50'
52.80 LBS
Fitness Power Ropes-2" 50' Fitness Power Ropes-2" 50'

This thick 50 foot rope is the ideal length for men who want to incorporate the fun and intense workout of ropes into their routines. Ropes can be used for both upper body and lower body workouts and add an additional dimension of motion and activities that are sure to push your workout to the next level. Made to last intense and rigorous abuse, these ropes are ideal for gyms, schools and other athletic training.

    • Various length & diameter to enhance the overall work-out experience
    • Great for grip strength, stamina and overall conditioning
    • Ideal for upper body & core exercises


 Sizes Include: 

1.5" 100 foot Powr Rope

2" 100 foot Power Rope 

1.5" 50 foot Power Rope 

2" 50 foot Power Rope

1.5" 40 foot Power Rope

2" 40 foot Power Rope

1.5" 30 Foot Power Rope

2" 30 foot Power Rope

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