Fitness Power Ropes-2" 40'

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Fitness Power Ropes-2" 40'
42.90 LBS
Fitness Power Ropes-2" 40' Fitness Power Ropes-2" 40'

This rope is 40 feet long and at 2 inches thick provides a heavier weight than the 1.5 inches thick ropes. Built to last, these fitness ropes were created to increase variety in your routines and to take your workout to the top of the spectrum. Use power ropes for powerful core strengthening, upper body conditioning and intense cardio workouts. At 10 calories a minute power ropes are a much more fun and more effective workout than burpees, unless you are being punished. . .

    • Various length & diameter to enhance the overall work-out experience
    • Great for grip strength, stamina and overall conditioning
    • Ideal for upper body & core exercises


 Sizes Include: 

1.5" 100 foot Powr Rope

2" 100 foot Power Rope 

1.5" 50 foot Power Rope 

2" 50 foot Power Rope

1.5" 40 foot Power Rope

2" 40 foot Power Rope

1.5" 30 Foot Power Rope

2" 30 foot Power Rope

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