Fitness Power Ropes-1.5" 100'

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Fitness Power Ropes-1.5" 100'
56.10 LBS
Fitness Power Ropes-1.5" 100' Fitness Power Ropes-1.5" 100'

This fitness power rope is 100 feet long. Power ropes are becoming hugely popular not only because they add loads of fun to a workout, but also because they provide powerful cardio and strength training. Increase your anaerobic and aerobic abilities and oxygen intake while improving grip strength, and having a total body workout. Use the ropes to climb and strengthen upper body, use them in waves or incorporate them into squats and lunges. Get your workout out of the plateau by incorporating these fun variations to your workout.

    • Various length & diameter to enhance the overall work-out experience
    • Great for grip strength, stamina and overall conditioning
    • Ideal for upper body & core exercises

 Sizes Include: 

1.5" 100 foot Powr Rope

2" 100 foot Power Rope 

1.5" 50 foot Power Rope 

2" 50 foot Power Rope

1.5" 40 foot Power Rope

2" 40 foot Power Rope

1.5" 30 Foot Power Rope

2" 30 foot Power Rope


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