Coach E Rower

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108.00 LBS
Coach E Rower, Kettler Kettler Coach E Rower

The Coach E Rower is one of the most trusted brand of rowing machines! This is a quiet machine so you can workout while your kids or significant other sleep. The Coach E Rower has a comfortable seat. The smooth rowing action makes for little maintenance and minimal use of lubricants. From the seat to the foot pads, this machine is built for comfort and ease of use. It features biomechanically designed plates for your feet that provide a smooth pivoting action. Additionally the foot plates also provide a full longitudinal rowing range. The padded seat is comfortable and sits atop high grade rollers combined with ball bearings which provide a smooth and 'catch free' ride. The gliding action of the seat is a favorite feature in this rowing machine. You will love that the chrome plated steel rails are maintenance free and are built to last!  

Also featured is a LCD training computer which displays everything you need for an effective workout. The time and distance motivate you to go a little longer, while the oar strokes and current cadence gives you the information you need to truly have a robust and powerful workout. Additionally, heart rate and kilojoules are monitored and shown. The Coach E Rower has a height of 26 inches. It is 20 inches wide and 80 inches long (6.6 feet). At 105 lbs., the Coach E Rower is easily to move and can be stood up against a wall for easy and compact storing. The maximum user weight for this rowing machine is 285 lbs.  

Don't wait until bad weather keeps you indoors and inactive! Buy the Coach E Rower today and discover one of the most effective ways to incinerate fat while providing a whole body workout. Rowing exercises is one of the highest levels of calorie burn workouts available and because it works almost every muscle group in the entire body, you get a non-impact, powerful workout. Rowing is an ideal way to train for those who are just starting on the fitness path, all the way to athletes who need to improve performance during the off season. Rowing motion helps to improve the range of motion and strengthens the lower and upper back, helping to ward off back injuries. This is a particular problem as the weather gets cold and outdoor activities start to reduce. Runners and cyclists benefit greatly from rowing because rowing maintains primary muscle group strength and endurance while improving the strength and endurance of the more minor muscles that are often not trained for in competitive sport, but which give additional support and assist in improved performance. Additionally, by using a rowing machine to train during the off season, the athlete can minimize the risk of injury while improving fitness. 

Don't wait! Buy the Coach E Rower today and start enjoying the benefits. 

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