Chattanooga Nylatex® Wrap - 2.5" x 48"- 3 Pack Therapeutic Treatment

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1.00 LBS
Nylatex® Wrap - 2.5" x 48"- Package of 3 Chattanooga Nylatex® Wrap - 2.5" x 48"- 3 Pack Therapeutic Treatment

This package of three wraps that each measure 2.5 inches by 48 inches. That makes this size ideal for use with small cold and hot packs. These wraps were designed for use with Chattanooga hotpac and colpac products, but work with any other brand. Nylatex wraps are also popular for use with muscle stimulator electrodes by physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists. The specialized wrap features a nylon fastener that makes it easy and simple to fasten along any part of the wrap. This means that the wrap can adjust to fit any size, contour or angle of the body and still provide support and comfort. The elastic latex combined with the nylon finish provides even support even through and after movement. This helps to prevent further injury as few people have the luxury of staying still during rehabilitation and recovery.

  • 2.5" by 48" is ideal for localized ice packs
  • Nylatex wrap is supportive and allows for movement
  • Provides even distribution of temperature treatments around difficult contours
  • Professional grade wrap comes in a set of 3

Reusable wrap ideal for holding cold packs in place. 2.5" x 48"- Package of 3