Chattanooga Nylatex® Wrap - 2.5" x 18" - 3 Pack Therapeutic Treatment

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3 days
1.00 LBS
Nylatex® Wrap - 2.5" x 18" - Package of 3 Chattanooga Nylatex® Wrap - 2.5" x 18" - 3 Pack Therapeutic Treatment

This is the smallest Chattanooga Nylatex therapuetic treatement available. this product contains three wraps that each measure 2.5 inches by 18 inches. This wraps is ideal for children and youth knees, legs and other contours. Additionally this pack is made for holding hot and cold packs in place aroudn smaller body parts such as elbows, wrists and ankles. Nylatex is a supportive elastic combined with nylon and provides the highest quality of motion support. These nylatex wraps provide even support around the body's contours and will compress Chatanoogas hotpac and colpac products around the entire area that needs therapy. Chiropractors reccomend this wrap because it provides a better quality of supprot. The flexibility of elastic combined with a velcro fastener allows for numberous positions, sizes and injury areas. 

  • Nylatex wraps provide support during movement
  • Set of 3 measures 2.5" by 18" and is ideal for smaller body systems. 
  • Professional quality means wraps will last for years to come
  • This will be your favorite wrap to use during recovery. 

Reusable wrap ideal for holding cold packs in place. 2.5" x 18" - Package of 3