Cable Crossover Machine

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Cable Crossover Machine Cable Crossover Machine

This Cable Crossover Machine provides a total workout. It can work any and every part of your body allowing you to work with multiple angles and directions. The cable crossover machine allows you to circuit train and avoids the need to rotate from machine to machine. You can change the pulleys and weight stacks in seconds. Among exercises available on the crossover machine, you can do tricep extensions, biceps curls, and lat lay down. This machine lets you work both sides of your body at the same time and acts as a crossover between free weights and and weight machines by providing the safety of weight machines and the benifits of free weights. Lastly the cable crssover machine increases your core strength. Assembly is easy. Use this cross over machine to do a chest press crossover, and the chest fly.

    • Constructed of 2" x 3" heavy wall tubing with a durable, silver powder coated finish  
    • Used for chest pulls, press downs, lateral raises, curls, leg kick exercises and pull ups                     
    • Fully adjustable pulley blocks           
    • Includes (2) 150 lb. weight stacks, ankle straps and handles
    • Weight stacks are fully encased with a Polycarbonate Shroud
    • Includes instructional placard          
    • 84"H x 144"W x 41"D - 603 lbs.
    • equipped w/ ankle straps & handles. Adjustable pulley blocks


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