BOSU regular Balance Trainer - Pro Basic

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BOSU® Balance Trainer - Pro
18.00 LBS BOSU regular Balance Trainer - Pro Basic

The BOSU trainer can be used with either side up. It's a fun and different way to train coordination, balance and for aerobic workouts. The BOSU will strengthen your stabilizer muscles which will help to reduce the risk of falls by older adults. From the elite athlete to kids to weekend warriors trying to stay in shape, BOSU® Balance Trainer helps to strengthen and coordinate your body including the muscles that you don't see. BOSU® Balance Trainer targets the core muscles of your body—those muscles around your abdominal and back area—helping you to not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but to help coordinate your entire body. Your BOSU® Balance Trainer is available in blue only and comes with an inflation pump and owners manual.
The BOSU Balance Trainer is a versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for static and dynamic balance training. The BOSU can also be used to integrate balance challenges into cardiovascular, endurance, core and flexibility training. BOSU is an acronym for "both sides up." The BOSU Balance Trainer can be used with the platform side either up or down to challenge balance with different body positions.

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