BOSU Elite

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BOSU® Elite
17.00 LBS
BOSU Elite BOSU Elite

This BOSU Elite provides increase support and enhanced stability. It has improved dome material to enhance squat training and athletic movement training. It identifies the power zone and power line so that you can have optimal body placement during your exercise. This dome is also great for foot dorsiflexion and helps to increase speed and jumping abilities and coordination.

    • Increased stability and support for high impact movements and weighted exercises
    • New dome material to enhance athletic movement training and squat mechanics
    • Power Zone and Power Line for optimal body placement and alignment
    • Promotes pelvic balance to optimize power through hips
    • Primes the body for greater strength and power
    • Improves foot dorsiflexion for increased speed and jumping
    • Ultra durable and weight rated to 400 lbs.

0001 Year(s)