Bodybuilding Weight Training Record

We've created an adjustable bodybuilding training workout schedule or tracker. It's important to take notice of where you are so you can see how far you go! Tracking your bodybuilding goals and weightlifting improvements will help you to body build faster! This worksheet is created as both a way to organize and schedule your weightlifting workouts or a way to track how well you do certain movements so you can come back and see how far you have gone. You can record lifts, bench press, pull ups, push ups, lateral row and more. Check your limits again in 30 and 60 days and record your max reps and weights for each of the same workouts and notice how much you've improved! This weightlifting sheet is designed to help you stay motivated and see your progress in your bodybuilding growth! We hope you enjoy it!

Bodybuilding involves growing and strengthening pretty much every part of your body. Specific exercises build and focus on strength for certain muscle groups. If you are trying to bulk up, then it's helpful to know which reps will help you bulk faster. Here's a quick guide on your bodybuilding training that you can track with our weightlifting tracker.


  • Squats are ideal for focusing on the quadriceps, glutes, hips, and abs.  They also help to work the calves, hamstrings and lower back. Squats intensity increases as weights are added. Equipment used: barbells, smith machine, half or full rack, dumbbells, and kettlebells.
  • Leg Press will build the quads and gluts primarily while secondarily helping to build the calves and hamstrings. Equipment needed: Leg press machine, multifunction combination gyms and bodybuilding weightlifting gyms.  
  • Lunges are provide high intensity workouts for the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and hips. Lunges can be enhanced on the cable crossover machine or by carrying dumbbells in both hands. Equipment used: body weight, dumbbells, and kettlebells.
  • Deadlift works primarily the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, lower back and will  help to strengthen the lats, trapezius, abs, and secondary focus on the forearms. Equipment used include barbells, dumbbells, smith machine.
  • Leg Extension is a powerful way to work the quadriceps. Equipment needed: dumbbell, cable machine, leg extension machine, or bodybuilding gym. 
  • Leg Curl focuses on the hamstrings and benefits the calves. Equipment used: dumbbell, cable machine, bodybuilding gyms, and leg curl machine.
  • Calf Raises (Standing and Sitting) specifically builds the calves. Equipment used: bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, smith machine or bodybuilding gyms.
  • Hip Adductor is specifically crafted for the hips. Equipment needed: bodybuilding gyms or hip flexor.
  • Bench Press primarily focuses on the recs and triceps with a secondary benefit to the deltoids. Equipment used: dumbbells, smith machine, barbell, bench press or multi-function gyms.
  • Chest Fly builds the pecs and secondarily the deltoids. Equipment used: dumbbells, cable machine, "pec deck" machine, or bodybuilding gyms.
  • Push-ups work the pecs, delts, and triceps. It provides a secondary benefit to the abs. Equipment: bodyweight, dumbbells.
  • Pulldowns focus on the lats. The secondary muscle groups that benefit are the trapezius, deltoids, biceps and forearms. Equipment needed: Equipment: Cable machine, pulldown machine, and bodybuilding gyms.
  • Pull-ups work the lats. They also work the trapezius, deltoids, biceps, and forearms. Equipment used: Chin up bar, or chin up station found in our home gyms.
  • Bent over Row works the lats, trapezius with a smaller workout for the biceps and forearms. Equipment needed: dumbbells, barbell, smith machine, t-bar machine and row station found in our weightlifting gyms.
  • Upright Row is great for building the trapezius, deltoids and provide a secondary focus on for the biceps and forearms. Equipment used: dumbbells, barbell, smith machine, cable machine.
  • Shoulder Press provides a workout primarily for the deltoids, It also provides a secondary workout for trapezius and triceps. Shoulder presses can also be varied to the military press, Equipment used: dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell, smith machine, shoulder press machine.  
  • Shoulder Fly also provides a great workout for the deltoids. It also works the trapezius and forearms. Equipment: dumbbells, cable machine, lateral raise machine, or lateral station found in our weightlifting gyms.
  • Lateral Raise focuses on the deltoids. It also works the trapezius. Equipment: dumbbells, cable machine, lateral raise machine or station found in our bodybuilding gyms.
  • Push Down works the triceps primarily.. Equipment needed: Cable machine, combination gym, or pull down machine.
  • Triceps Extensions specifically works the triceps. Equipment used: dumbbells, barbell, cable machine, combination gyms, triceps extension machine
  • Biceps curl works the biceps. Equipment used: dumbbells, preacher bench.  
  • Crunches works the abs. Equipment used: Back & Abdominal Exercise Bench
  • Russian Twist works the abs Equipment used: Champion Abdominal Exerciser & Dip Station
  • Leg Raise works the hips and secondarily abs. Equipment used Ab Exerciser/Dip Station & Sit Up Board Combo
  • Back Extension works the glutes and lower back. It also works the hamstrings. Equipment used: dumbbells, roman chair.

If you'd like to download a free copy of this worksheet, click here Weight Training Record by HealthyExxercize.comweight-training-record-by-healthyexercize.jpg