Bodybuilding & Fitness: Key Body Measurements that are vital

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Bodybuilder & Fitness Key Body Measurements

You will love our Bodybuilding & Fitness Key Measurements Tracker. Keep track of all the important muscle measurements. Track your biceps, calbes, chest circumference, waiste and even your weight and body composition. Keep your target measurements and 4 points of tracking on one sheet for easy and fast referencing. Tracking and measuring your progress against your goals will help you to stay motivated and to continue to push yourself in your workouts. Tracking your abilities and various key measurements will help you to see how far you have come and improved. 

This Bodybuilders Tracking Sheet is also ideal for anyone with fitnesss goals who wants to watch the inches slim down and not rely on the fikle nature of body weight alone. Muscle weighs more than fat so often body weight will fluxuate and muscle grows and replaces fat. The inches fall off, even when body weight has an independant mind. Our muscle measurements are concise and will allow you to track all your key body measurements for a month on one sheet of paper.