Blue Chip 8 System-Black Frame

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Blue Chip 8 System-Black Frame Blue Chip 8 System-Black Frame PRO-GYM: Our best mid-sized body building home gym! 

This is our highest selling bodybuilding home gym. It is ideal for commercial and home use because its made of high quality, heavy duty steel that will not bend with excessive use. Bodybuilders and competitive athletes love this gym because it will not bend with heavy lifting or use. It includes 8 stations that will work your entire body. Our Pro 12 and Pro 16 offer additional stations. This gym is the budget concious body-builders dream. This gym fits well into smaller rooms and is a great way to fully load a business or commercial gym with a lot of options without taking up a lot of space. The weight stations that are included are made to work every part of your body. Your quads, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, gluts, abs, and more! Each station in this gym is made for heavy lifting than other simular gyms. 

Blue Chip 8 weight training machines offer a great deal more actual lifting weight per station than other competitive gyms. All PRO-GYM stations are designed for the ultimate in true lifting action and weight accuracy. The heavy press stations connect directly to the weight stacks by heavy-duty coil springs to absorb vibration, eliminate breakage and reduce noise. All machines use self-locking weight selector keys. Minimum ceiling height for all units is 84". Prices shown do not include delivery and installation. Recommended room area: 12' x 15'.

This unit includes:
Leg Press
Shoulder Press
High Lat
Quad Low Pulley
Abdominal Board (9 levels)
Chest Press

  • High quality, heavy lifting bodybuilding weight machine
  • Includes 8 weightlifting stations
  • Works the entire body
  • Made for serious athletes and bodybuilders. 
  • All Steel Frame!
0001 Year(s)