Recumbent Bikes: Why the sudden popularity?

Recumbent Bikes: Why the sudden popularity?

Posted by Annemaria Duran on Sep 11th 2015

Pain Free, low stress Cycling

Recumbent bikes have been growing in popularity in recent years. Although recumbent bikes have been around since the mid to late 1800s, they have grown rapidly in popularity. There are several reasons for their growing popularity.

First, recumbent bikes are ergonomically and pain free for riders. The seat is placed behind the pedals and lower to the ground. This evens out the rider’s weight while making the feet and legs to rotate in angles that are easier for the rider’s body. Instead of a traditional triangle bike seat, the recumbent bike has a bucket seat that takes away the pain and pressure on the seating bones and muscles. Because the rider is seated instead of hunched over the handlebars, the wrists, arms and joints don’t take the beating and wear that they do from an upright bike. This allows athletes with joint limitations to participate pain free for hours. While a traditional bike requires the rider to hunch with a bent back over the handlebars, the recumbent bike encourages good posture.

Perfect for all ages

50 years ago, it was uncommon for individuals over the age of 30 to participate in exercise regularly. As life span has increased, the activity of over 30s has increased. The quality of health has made possible and desirable the ability to stay athletic and active. The over 30 body is different than the teen and 20s body and the recumbent bike accommodates the aches and physical limitations that over 30s adults face.

Ideal for Rehabilitation

Secondly, the recumbent bike is an ideal bike for rehabilitation because it does not stress the joints. It is also fitting for those with back injury and pain, because the recumbent bike allows the athlete to continue riding for longer periods of time. Added time, pain free is perfect! Athletes who ride long distances and have experienced both upright and recumbent bikes prefer recumbent bikes for the comfort. Recumbent bikes are an excellent option for anyone who has back pain or injury as they place no strain on the lower or upper back. Plus, at long last, saddle soreness has disappeared through the recumbent’s use of the bucket seat.

Better Lower Body strength

Third, a recumbent bike works the hamstrings, gluts and calves more than an upright bike because gravity is not ‘helping’ with the pedal pumping. This builds the lower body strength. Because recumbent bikes are comfortable and pain free, riders tend to ride them for longer periods of time. This further increases the fitness of the rider by increasing the workout and calorie burn.

Faster is better!

Finally, a recumbent bike is faster than a regular bike. In fact, recumbent bikes have been banned from cycling races since 1934. This was the year after Francois Faure broke the world record in cycling traveling 45 km in one hour! That makes the recumbent bike a fun bike to ride!

Recumbent Benefits

  • Lower back support
  • Easy on the joints and wrists
  • Encourages better posture
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Perfect for Rehabilitation
  • Decreased risk of injury

Don't forget about recumbent stationary bikes

The benefits of the recumbent bike aren't limited to only recumbent bikes. Did you know that stationary bikes offer recumbent exercise bikes as well? For those times when you get stuck indoors, don't forget to have a recumbent exercise bike for your indoor training!