3 Things you can do to treat back pain so you can enjoy the things you love!

3 Things you can do to treat back pain so you can enjoy the things you love!

Posted by Annemaria Duran on Nov 6th 2015

3 Things you can do to treat back pain so you can enjoy the things you love! 

Back pain plagues over 100 million Americans. If you are one of them, then changing three simple things about your daily routine can make a big difference in reducing your back pain. Change these things and see your back pain decrease and your back health increase!

Stretch your back and leg muscles.

Sitting at a desk makes the lower back and butt lazy. Muscles don’t receive the use our bodies are built to handle. Additionally, women who wear high heels often get shortened leg muscles and experience increased back pain. Stretching the hamstrings and back muscles will even out muscles on both sides of the spine. This will decrease wrongful pulling on spinal muscles that causes pain. Each stretch should be held for at least 10 seconds and should be felt as a pull, but should not cause pain. If you haven’t stretched for a while, you should start stretching every 20 minutes throughout the day to help your muscles be limber. Don’t stretch to the point of pain, but even a quick calf stretch can help. 

Walk for better back health

Walking, jogging, and hiking are considered weight bearing activities. Weight bearing activities help to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Additionally, walking stretches and strengthens the lower back, gluts and legs. Even if you can only stand or take short breaks at work, adding walking in throughout your day will help to increase back health. 20 or more minutes of rapid walking should be done daily to keep back healthy and stretched. Walking combined with stretching will do wonders to ease back pain and keep your muscles limber. Combine it with the next tip to truly see your back transform.

Participate in weight training exercises to build back muscles.

There are many activities that can be done to strengthen the upper and lower back. If your goal is to reduce back pain, then avoiding muscle machines is a must. Free weights will teach your muscle groups to work together and to synchronize in tasks better. There are specific tools that better to increasing the stabilizer muscles and building core strength. Kettlebells and dumbbells are powerful tools to build lower and upper back strength while providing a full body workout. Medicine balls and ropes are other popular alternatives that add fun to your workout while providing muscle building activity. Resistance activities such as these should be done 3 times a week. 

By incorporating stretching, walking, and adding weight training into your daily life, you will see and feel a transformation in your back. Don’t wait, start today even if you have to start small!