Adjustable Lateral Plyo-Box

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Adjustable Lateral Plyo-Box
83.00 LBS
Adjustable Lateral Plyo-Box Adjustable Lateral Plyo-Box is ideal for training explosive, fast changes of direction. Lateral Plyo-Box provides the lateral training that allows you to quickly maneuver from one opponent to another. The platforms adjust to 25, 35 and 45 degrees so that you can target specific muscles in your ankles, hips and legs. 

Keep your opponent off balance while you quickly and effortlessly change direction on a pin. This lateral plyo-box will train your muscles for fast explosive direction changes that will be useful in a number of sports, including, basketball, football, rugby, tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball and more! Adjust the side angles to target the ankles, legs and hips. The non-slip platform is made to handle intense workouts and to keep your feet firmly planted while working out. Add a lateral resistance band to increase inner thigh power.

Platforms have a non-slip platform for increased safteny and 

    • Highly durable platform trains explosive lateral movements for strong, quick direction changes
    • Quickly adjust sides of platform to 25, 35 or 45 degrees to target all muscles of the ankle, leg and hip
    • Reinforced nonslip platforms provide a stable and secure contact area
    • Each side holds a 45 lb. weight plate needed for stability (sold separately - see page 239)
    • Assembly required


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