Hydrocollator® Supplies: Moist heat pads & more

Hydrocollator technology:

The Chattanooga company introduced hydrocollator technology to the physical therapy and medical fields in 1947 and revolutionized heat therapy in the recovery and rehabilitation of athletes, injuries, and joint pain. The hydrocollator heat packs use water to more efficiently transfer heat from the packs to the muscles and joints with less loss and temperature variance than other packs, which rely on the transfer of heat through the air. Hydrocollator packs maintain a consistent head for up to thirty minutes which provides a more reliable and consistent therapy for joints and tissues.

Hydrocollator moist heat packs users:

Hot packs are the favorite of doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists because they provide long lasting, constant heat which increases blood flow to the tissue and accelerates healing on a cellular level. Hot pads are designed for serious physical therapy and uses bentonite filled cloth pouches to maintain and even temperatures. Hydrocollator moist heating packs have been shown to increase the extension of tissues and muscle. They reduce inflammation, particularly inflammation caused by arthritis and athletic injury. Hot packs aids in the post acute phase of healing by bringing increase white blood cells to the injured area and a more consistent blood flow to heated areas.

Hospitals prefer the highest quality and more reliable technologies to help their patients recover faster, which is why hospitals prefer hydrocollator moist heat packs. Studies have shown the decreased pain aids in recovery. Hydrocollator moist hot pads provide optimal relief and have been shown to help patients recover from injury at a faster rate.

Coaches and athletic trainers prefer hydrocollator packs because pads reduce inflammation and aid in a faster recover. Athletes who experience a minor injury can use the hydrocollator packs and will see reduced pain and swelling, allowing them to get back on the field faster. Athletes who experience a longer, more debilitating injury will see a faster, more comfortable recover from the decreased pain, muscle spasms, and edema when using the hot pads.

Home users often choose to pay for these higher quality pads because living with arthritis, sprains, strains and cramps shouldn't have to be as debilitating and uncomfortable as it often is. Hydrocollator pads help to provide an increased amount of comfort, increased joint mobility and decreased joint pain. Women who suffer from menstrual cramps are able to sleep better and feel more rested when using the Chattanooga hot pads because the long-lasting heat provides more even relaxation and healing.

Packs can be purchased individually or in cases of 12.

Hydrocollator units:

Hydrocollator moist heat pads are recommended for use in the hydrocollator units. Hydrocollator units provide even and throughout all heating and storage through water.  The units are temperature controlled so the moist heating pads perform better and last longer. The hydrocollator units use a water bath. Although pads can be heated through hot water or the microwave, this is not a recommended method for professional use. Use of the hydrocollator units reduces the risks of overheating, melting or injuring the patient through human error.

Don't wait. Purchase a hydrocollator moist heat pack and immediately start feeling and seeing the difference!